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In addition to our restaurant industry books found in 76 countries around the world, you can find our comic strips, and our articles in all kinds of magazines, newspapers, web sites, and blogs and read by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

"Problem Customers Pose Quandaries for Restaurants"... an interview with our CEO,
Howard Cannon with ThisWeek

Opening a Restaurant…” an interview with Howard Cannon for the Gazette-Mail

Restaurant Magazine Cover  
"Five Secrets to Pocketing More Profits" ; page 6-7

Restaurant Magazine Cover  "Is Your Team Full of Studs or Duds?" ; page 16-17

Restaurant Magazine Cover  
"5 Prescriptions to Remedy Your Failing Restaurant" ;  page 8-9

Restaurant Magazine Cover  Life is Celebrated in Restaurants” ; page 29

Restaurant Magazine Cover  You Have to Make Green to Be Green”; page 26, 27, 28

Restaurant Magazine Cover  Do Your Vendors Help You Make Money?”; page 10, 11

Restaurant Magazine Cover  Spring Cleaning – Your Staff’s Bad Habits”; page 28, 29


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