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Restaurant Consultants of America™ Restaurant Expert Witness Services:

Restaurant Consultants of America™ provides restaurant expert witness services for restaurant, bar and food service related matters and for any type of restaurant litigation. We cover virtually every conceivable restaurant, bar and food service industry discipline, and work in markets across the country and around the globe.

Let’s face it, disagreements happen due to a wide variety of circumstances and, when they do, all parties involved need professional, reputable industry experts to review the matter and assist by providing industry experience, insight, guidance, opinions, testimony and reports that will aid in solving, resolving or settling the matter efficiently and effectively.

We work with firms of all sizes and will work on behalf of either the Plaintiff’s or the Defendant’s side of the matter.

Some of our Restaurant Expert Witness Services include:
• Document Review
• Onsite Visit
• Research for Additional Docs to Consider
• Written Reports
• Depositions, Testimony & Appearances
Some of our practice areas include:

Franchise Matters (serving both Franchisees & Franchisors)
• General Negligence
• Operations and Training Neglect
• Marketing Neglect
• Purchasing Neglect
• Royalty Disputes
• Lost Income and Lost Profit Claims
• IP and Competition Claims

Funding Matters (serving Bankers, Investors, Vendors and Developers)
• Partnership, Investor, Landlord & Funding Disputes
• Mismanagement or Neglect
• Forensic Analysis/Business Autopsy
• Business Plan Assessment
• Facility, Site, Construction & Equipment Matters
• Creditor Analysis and Payment Disputes
• Lost Income and Lost Profit Claims

Employment Matters (serving Employees & Employers)
• Wrongful Terminations
• Harassments, Discriminations & Abuse
• Work-Related Injuries & Accidents
• Wage, Hour, Tip and Bonus Claims
• Safety and Security Issues
• Negligence & Liability

Customer Matters (serving Customers & Businesses)
• Accidents & Injuries
• Alcohol Liability Issues
• Food & Beverage Illness or Contaminations
• Harassments & Discriminations
• Safety & Security Issues
• ADA Compliance Issues
• Negligence & Liability

Owner/Operator Matters
• Against Frivolous and/or Falsified Claims
• Franchisor & Franchisee Protections
• FACTA Claims
• IP and Brand Protection
• Negligence & Liability

And, dozens of other miscellaneous matters that pertain to restaurants, bars and food service establishments. Please visit us at: to find out more.

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