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Do you really need a restaurant consultant?

The fact is, nearly one out of every three people that call our corporate office looking to retain a consultant shouldn’t be hiring a restaurant consultant at all.

They are:

• Plenty smart enough.
• Willing to ask the right questions.
• Willing to take notes and follow advice.
• Willing and able to physically do the work themselves.

And, quite frankly, they would be best advised to spend the capital that they do have on more important and pressing needs to drive their business towards success.

What they really need is an Advisor and not a Consultant.

An Advisor is an expert with significant industry expertise willing to:

Assess your situation.
Assist you in developing strategies and plans.
Provide industry data, trends, and resources.
Advise, coach and mentor you.
Point you in the right direction.

Here at Restaurant Consultants of America™, we call that the Restaurant
  “Un-Consultant™ Membership”

You probably already know that we have been restaurant and bar industry consultants since 1987 and you may have read our books and articles or heard our speeches or boot camps along the way.  You may or may not know that Restaurant Consultants of America™ and Restaurant Expert Witness™ are subsidiaries of Restaurant Operations Institute, Inc., along with more than 130 web sites and dozens of intellectual properties.  Together they form the backbone of the largest and most highly-recognizable restaurant consulting firm in America.

But, what you probably don’t know is that we advise, coach and mentor independent owners and operators, investors, corporate executives, bankers, lawyers, board members, and others, on their restaurant and bar businesses and transactions.

And, we do this through our signature private Restaurant Un-Consultant™ Membership.

For a single, low, flat-monthly membership fee, our members get access to our Senior Consultants with unlimited telephone and email access.  These members can ask any restaurant or bar-related questions to get the answers they need, when they need them.

Depending on each individual member’s needs, we can discuss financial figures, operations, marketing, branding, funding, purchasing, training, equipment, hospitality, service, cleanliness, quality, accounting, payroll, food and beverage costs, facilities, design, start-ups, promotions, management, leadership, risk management, point of sale, sales building, turnaround strategies, systems, profit performance, business planning, and more.  If it pertains to restaurants or bars, we are able to help our members.

This membership offers:

• Easy Access – by simply scheduling meetings, sending us emails, or picking up the
    phone and calling our office.
• Affordable Flat Monthly Fees that fit any budget.
• Total Confidentiality.

But remember, you have to be willing and able to do the physical work yourself.

AND, here is an added bonus of membership:  if you need our consultants to physically “do” any of the work for you, simply tell us, and we will give you the maximum discount available from our regular rates for any consulting services needed – based on the time-frame that you need the work done in. These discounts can range from twenty (20%) to sixty (60%) percent. In the consulting world, time is money; so the more time you can give us to complete a scope of work project, the more money you can save. This allows us to reach out to our team to see what the best price we can offer is, based on your deadline date. This way, we can better fit you into our already booked schedule of clients, and it allows you to get world-class services at a deep discount. Please note: you must be willing to give us plenty of lead-time for project completion to receive this offer.  

This means you can get design work, onsite visits, new menus, new logos, new web sites, branding materials, operational systems, franchising expertise, management consulting, operational and marketing consulting and much more [see our complete list of services on our website,] for pennies on the dollar.

So, the question is this . . .

Do you really need a consultant? Or do you need the Restaurant Un-Consultant™
exclusively by Restaurant Consultants of America™?

Call for details:  800.300.5764 – space is limited.

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